Diagonal is a company that will help you design, build and maintain a residential property.

It is a brand for wealthy individuals who desire a bespoke home and lifestyle. As a brand, Diagonal is quite different from most. Whatever you want from your life, this brand can help you achieve it. In fact, we chose the name because it not only reflects the 'enabling' character of the brand, but it also gave us the opportunity to subtly build upon its aspirational nature — which was the starting point for designing the corporate identity.

The diagonal line represents the upward trajectory of the client's life and ambitions. However, it also reflects the way in which the brand's service goes right across every aspect of the client life, from the design of their homes to their day-to-day security. Simple, powerful and very flexible, the diagonal line became a graphic device that enabled us to communicate the brand visually in every piece of marketing and support material.