Founded in 1996 with an entrepreneurial management buyout from Yorkshire Electricity, Freedom has grown significantly with over 1,000 employees and twenty offices in the UK and Western Europe making them one of the leading utility engineering service providers.

In 2014 they unveiled their new strategy and structure, which would enable them to address changes in their primary regulated market and also venture into secondary services and markets. To underpin such a major change within their business, Freedom needed to signal a change to their existing market – which is where we came in.

The brief was simple: develop a brand to reflect the changes within the business and signal a continued commitment to innovation and self-development to their customers. Understanding the objectives was key, so prior to undertaking any creative development we undertook our usual in-depth workshops and interviews with senior management and key stakeholders to give us the confidence and understanding to move forward in the right direction.

Conscious not to lose the core essence and visual recognition of the brand, we sensitively refreshed the visual identity and reinvigorating the bird marque. The result is an arresting brand identity with real integrity, which remains true to their values and origins.



Key disciplines:
Identity Development
Print Collateral
Outdoor Media