Banyan is a principle brand within the Arc Inspirations portfolio of bar restaurants. Whilst the chain had been up and running for some time, the essence of the concept itself had yet to be successfully translated and tangibly manifest itself in both experience and marketing collateral. Following our successful work for other brands in the Arc portfolio, the team asked us to realise the concept and bring physical form to the theme.

The unusual name comes from the sacred Indian Banyan tree, traditionally a place where people come together to meet and talk. It is an idea full of meaning and association, rich with cultural and religious associations. Seizing on the themes of nature and spirituality we set exploring how we might translate these ideas through to interiors, promotional films and marketing collateral.

The result was the realisation of a relaxing, meditative aesthetic that informed a visual identity that combined contrasting, natural materials, soft colour palettes, abstracted sculptural form and ‘light-touch’ graphic applications to create a welcoming environment and experience for customers as well as a strong differentiated brand on the high-street.