Hair maintenance…

Unless you haven’t left the house for the last few years, it’s impossible not to have noticed the male trend for facial hair. Whether it be a closely trimmed executive growth or a ZZ-Top-like forest of fur accompanied by a refined Victorian handle-bar moustache, the trend has clearly taken hold and would appear to have plenty of life left in it’s follicles yet.

With more and more men sporting impressive beards and facial hair, the need to keep them in 'tip top' condition has never been more apparent. Hamilton's was founded with the ambition of becoming the gentleman's choice when it comes to male grooming and lifestyle products. Using only the highest quality ingredients in all their products, Hamilton’s will help you grow, nourish and style your look, whether it be stubble, tash or a fully fledged beard.

With big ambitions and great products, it was essential that the Hamilton’s brand identity and product packaging lived up to their aspirations and product promise. Drawing on our experience in packaging design for the beauty and cosmetics industry, we created a range of packaging and refreshed brand identity that connected with Hamilton’s customers and differentiated them from their competitors.