Box clever…

After 14 years loyal service, The Box, one of Arc Inspirations most successful bars was showing a few battle scars and was clearly due a well deserved rebrand and refurbishment.

As one of Arc Inspirations first ventures, the bar was close to the hearts of the team. Both a destination sports venue and an institution to its’ regular customers, whatever we did had to be exactly right in order to usher in a new era and not disappoint a very expectant audience.

The Box is a bar of two sides, accommodating an often enthused and energetic crowd in peak event periods and a quieter, more discerning customer during daily trade. We opted for what we eventually called ‘industrial-cool’ - an eclectic mix of sporting references and industrial materials, furnishings and fittings. Interior spaces are zoned with vibrant colours and strong, graphic iconography. Wall and floor surfaces combine fabricated steel extrusion with Astroturf, bare concrete and durable but quirkily cool materials.

Karl Lakin