OnFire manages identity evolution

The world of data analytics is evolving and our newly rebranded Client Evolve are at the forefront.

Part of the Enserve Group, and formed by the merging of Revenue Assurance Services and Morrel Consulting, Evolve is a specialist analytics house with detailed knowledge of the energy and water sectors, providing tailored analytics services to businesses worldwide.

Evolve’s reputation is built upon a deep understanding of the mechanics of the sectors in which their clients operate and the challenges they face today and in the future.  This is a world of cutting edge science where the ability to collate, cleanse and analyse massive volumes of data securely, quickly and efficiently, is key.

OnFire were entrusted with this significant rebranding exercise and, via our usual thorough investigative and insight-led model, developed a dynamic and adaptable brand personality with data analysis at the core, represented by the simple yet clear identity solution of applying the key binary numerals ‘1’ and ‘0’ to the heart of the ‘Evolve’ identity.

OnFire were also engaged to design and build a complex and detailed new website for Evolve, and devised and produced an animated digital video for the site which can be viewed at www.evolve-analytics.com

Karl Lakin, Creative Director at OnFire, comments: “The simplicity of the way the new brand identity expresses ‘data analytics expertise’ is key to the brand and everything Evolve do. The binary symbols 1 and 0 distill everything Evolve does down to the simplest, most understandable data components. It allows the brand to say  “We understand and simplify data” in the shortest of shorthands – which is essentially the whole brand story. “

Mark Elmer from Evolve added: “This was a major project for us and incredibly high-profile both for ourselves and our customers, given the recent rebrand of the main Group  (Enserve, formerly Spice). It was not an easy task by any means but OnFire delivered the ideal brand identity and website as they have done in the past for us and we knew they would again with their usual creative, can-do approach.”

Karl Lakin