Flash, bang, what a photoshoot!!

As part of the Karen Betts rebrand we needed fresh, exciting photography to use across her new marketing material both on and offline. And we needed lots of it, so we had our own library of images ready and waiting to use whenever needed.

Our brief was a simple one – capture Karen’s energetic, creative and diverse approach to permanent cosmetics. Reflecting not only her vast choice of treatments, but also her wide range of clients that benefit from them.

We knew that for the shoot to work we needed to capture Karen’s passion for cosmetics. After all, her love for what she does is more than just skin deep. She doesn’t just make her clients look better, she transforms their lives.

For this celebration of what permanent make-up can achieve, we called upon the services of our friend, the hugely talented fashion and beauty photographer Jan Masny.

The shoot took place in a studio in Shoreditch in the East End of London and brought together not only Karen and her elite team, but also her hugely varied clients. This included everyone from celebrities like Amy Childs, Lizzie Cundy, Claire Powell, Sue Moxley and Kim Taylforth and to everyday people who’d had reconstructive surgery following such medical problems as alopecia, cancer and surgical scarring.

We’re pleased to say that the shoot was a huge success both in front of as well as behind the lens. With us not only capturing all the pictures we needed, but everyone coming together and having a remarkable day to remember.

Karen Betts said of the shoot; “It wasn’t an easy brief, but I knew that the team at Of™ would do a great job. It’s safe to say that everyone had a wonderful day. While for me, it was a real thrill to spend the day with my amazing staff and clients getting on so well together.” She added; “I’d just like to thank the many people involved. I’m so pleased with the results – everyone looks gorgeous and it’s obvious in the photos that we had loads of fun.”

Karl Larkin, Creative Director said; “As always it was a pleasure working with Karen and her team.  Thank to lots of planning pre-shoot, we knew what shots we needed and how best to achieve them, so on the day there was a relaxed atmosphere and everyone could enjoy themselves. We’re really looking forward to using the images we captured as we roll out the new Karen Betts’ branding, including the launch of her new website.”

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