Work hard play Yard...

When Yorkshire based bar chain, The Yard asked us to step up to the bar to develop their existing brand and work on all their communications, we were totally pumped.

The Yard is a contemporary pub with a traditional Yorkshire welcome. They cater for those enjoying a quick tipple in the cosy bar, people who want to dine in style on some cracking gastro delights in the restaurant, or partygoers in search of a great venue to have an even better time. So it’s safe to say, we jumped at the chance of this particular rebranding job – and had a barrel of laughs in the process.

Reviewing the existing brand, we developed a new identity and tone of voice in keeping with the traditional, but contemporary interiors and the atmosphere you find once inside. And of course, being a traditional Yorkshire pub, we also introduced a tone of voice which could only be from the beautiful green and gritty land of the UK’s biggest county.

Once our client was happy wi’ t'design, we rolled it out across all other collateral including the website, point of sale, signage, direct mail, stationery and menus.

We also advised and fed into the interior design of the bar and restaurants to ensure they were not only aligned to the brand but also positively supported and promoted it. In fact, we’ve made The Yard brand so welcoming, we’ve been back on more than a couple or three occasions ourselves!

Since the OnFire rebrand, The Yard has gone on to have their most successful year ever and have already secured other locations in the Yorkshire area. We can’t wait to visit those too!