OnFire bring a brilliant new beauty product into view

Sandra Viglino, the founder of CILLASHES™, has made it her mission to make the right advice and treatments available to empower women in achieving the lashes they want. And, thanks to OnFire, the brand is set to blaze an international trail.

With markets in Europe, Middle Est, UAE and The Americas, our approach was to create a truly global look, feel and tone of voice. CILLASHES™ is being marketed in many of the best salons and outlets, where quality and expertise are placed at the top of the agenda, so working with just the right photographer was key to the success of this project. We found the perfect photographer in London-based Jan Masney. Jan’s combination of experience in fashion photography and advertising has proved instrumental in creating the exact image we were aiming for – a look that highlights the impact and benefits of CILLASHES™.

Designer Eyes, the positioning line not only says these cosmetic products are in the same realm as couture fashion, but also communicates the benefit of treating your lashes. In other words, CILLASHES™ is not just saying you can have longer, or better looking, eye lashes, but that the look of your eyes will be enhanced. And this strategy fits perfectly with the rest of the products within the CILLASHES™ range because in addition to lashes-lengthening mascara, there is also eyeliner, conditioner, sealant and a removing and priming product – of which all the packaging, naming and positioning have been conceived by the team here at Of™.

We’re also designing and building the new CILLASHES™ website and looking at marketing comms across print, online and mobile media.